Man Is Robbed After Winning Two Jackpots At Casino

A Milwaukee guy won two jackpots in Casino and the Potawatomi Hotel. He had been robbed of a lot of the cash. With a few of the winnings he purchased a car and a secure and he did not tell people about his great luck. If there was a knock on their back door, on June 8, Czarnecki was home with his tribe, Hunter Marks. Marks talked about the coming ordeal using a local television system:”The doorway type of pushed started a tiny while I was reaching for the deal. I seemed to find that a guy standing there with a pistol and a mask on.

According to the police report, the gunman struck Marks about the face with the gun along with two additional possessions entered. They did exactly the same to his girlfriend and Czarnecki after forcing his new secure to start and tied him up alongside his mother by utilizing zip ties. The intruders blocked the doorway with a stove and then brought them all. By then the intruders had returned together with the material of this safe although Finally, Marks and Czarnecki were able to kick down the door. Czarnecki heard his lesson the hard way. He states that when he gets lucky and hits it at the casino, he’ll place his winnings at the bank rather than a security. The police investigation within this robbery remains continuing.

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